NASM CPT Course - Optimum Performance Studio

The rapid growth of the personal-training industry has spurred a multitude of approaches to fitness education and training. Setting the international standard for the industry, NASM has developed a comprehensive system that integrates proven techniques and real science into one easy-to-use, universal programming method – Optimum Performance Training (OPT™). From kinetic chain assessments through integrated programme design, students explore the science behind NASMs unique OPT™ model and gain a dynamic understanding of the systems and techniques used to design safe, effective programs for clients of all levels.

Dates: tbc

NASM CPT with Chrissy Denton

TRX Suspension Training Course - Optimum Performance Studio

Designed by experts for the fitness professional who wants to harness the full potential of the TRX Suspension Trainer, this course teaches you how to incorporate the TRX into your clients' programs and how to grow your training business. In this class you'll learn over 70 TRX exercises, in detail, as well as all the benefits and target muscles of the exercises; how to properly perform and "cue" the exercise; and modifications and progressions to adapt the exercises to every fitness level. You'll also learn how to design your own TRX programs by following suspension training principles, using smart TRX exercise selection, and studying case scenarios to challenge your knowledge.

Dates: tbc

TRX STC with Chrissy Denton

TRX for Yoga course - Optimum Performance Studio

TRX for Yoga - Suspension Training can make advanced poses more accessible by eliminating the fear of falling, boosting essential core strength and guiding practitioners towards optimum alignment. The TRX for Yoga course is a perfect tool for beginner to advanced practitioners to get more in touch with their bodies and explore different types of yoga poses.  For a beginner who has never done yoga, or is new to yoga, they're a ton of ways to incorporate the TRX Suspension Trainer to learn how to engage in the right places.

Dates: tbc

TRX for yoga with Chrissy Denton

Corporate Wellness

These days many employees and business leaders are prone to more stress, longer work hours, poor diets and sedentary lifestyles. This can lead to a weakened immune system, less productivity at work and a higher number of sick days. Physical and mental performance demand good nutrition, regular exercise, quality sleep and being able to manage the day to day stresses of everyday life in our busy world.

We offer a range of inspiring and motivating workshops, webinars and holistic health programmes to encourage your staff to take ownership of their health, boost their productivity and minimise sick days.

Previous clients include: HSBC, Manulife, ESF International school, Marriot Group, KMPG, Skadden, Lululemon, Lorna Jane and HKUST.

Corporate Health program with Chrissy Denton

Chai Talay Wellness Retreats - Koh Samui, Thailand

Hosted at the Chai Talay Estate on beautiful Samui Island, Thailand. This specialized wellness program will allow you to achieve success in an environment of pure bliss. Join me and other like-minded individuals as we train together, relax together, and achieve fitness and nutrition excellence. 4-days of yoga/stretch, boxing, TRX, strength training, strongman bootcamp, running, aquafit, nutrition and mindfulness workshops. Luxury accommodation, fully equipped air conditioned gym, 2 large lap pools, healthy meals and snacks.

March 2021 and November 2021 (tbc)

Wellness retreat Koh Samui with Chrissy Denton

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